In Real Life adventure and the quest for it.

What if, we 'coincidentally' meet up and get to know each other again? And in a beautiful place in Europe?

A group would stay in the same hotel for a month and a half and through out their time of stay, they'll be attending and doing activities together. It'll be during this next summer, and she'll be a part of this group.

Here's the catch, I want to be selected into this group too... Also, I should personally afford the travel expenses and my pocket money there. And finally, hopefully the courses I would be taking during summer wouldn't overlap with the travel period.

If I am certain that I'm going make it past these first two obstacles, I could ditch the summer courses and screw college.

The deadline for these two are at the door step at the moment the total I've right now is a whooping $220, while my estimates show that I'll need a minimum of $3500 to cover my travel expenses and my time of stay there.

I did a mistake and I massively over estimated the profits over time on a project I worked on. It is good idea, in matter of fact I will continue working over it however, to get the project's wheel spinning it will take some time.

My college and exams are cutting a huge chunk out of the tiny tad of time that I have left for this.

I honestly think it's over. I should have been more prepared from the start but I slacked off and when the opportunity hit me, it knocked me on the floor.

I am not giving up hope yet, but the odds are just all against me. Looks like I would be spending this summer here, alone and by myself. yay

Just wanted to vent this and remember my blog from the past. No one is probably reading this.