New profile pic :D

I was browsing the news feed as usual (as always) looking for something new. I was disappointed to find nothing new in top-news, already read those all of these statuses and their comments and read all the wall-to-wall posts of this girl. I desperately hit the most-recent option and I got this..

So some dude  I am not even sure why I have him on my friend list and 10 others changed their profile pic. Not a bad start.
..Suddenly, I immediately recognized a face from the thumbnail and moved my cursor on the thumbnail to make sure she's the same person I have on mind. And I was right.

I don't care if Japan's fukushima nuclear reactor blows up, or US invades another country for its oil. She, uploading a new profile pic is more important. She rarely logs in or post anything anyway. THIS IS NEWS.

So without hesitation or further delay, I clicked the thumbnail, then on her profile pic and finally pressing ctrl+clicking on her new profile pic from her album to open in a new tab as I don't want the new facebook photo viewer with its ultra small re sized pictures to ruin this for me.

And there she was, pretty as always with a cute half-smile..


To be continued.