New profile pic :D

I was browsing the news feed as usual (as always) looking for something new. I was disappointed to find nothing new in top-news, already read those all of these statuses and their comments and read all the wall-to-wall posts of this girl. I desperately hit the most-recent option and I got this..

So some dude  I am not even sure why I have him on my friend list and 10 others changed their profile pic. Not a bad start.
..Suddenly, I immediately recognized a face from the thumbnail and moved my cursor on the thumbnail to make sure she's the same person I have on mind. And I was right.

I don't care if Japan's fukushima nuclear reactor blows up, or US invades another country for its oil. She, uploading a new profile pic is more important. She rarely logs in or post anything anyway. THIS IS NEWS.

So without hesitation or further delay, I clicked the thumbnail, then on her profile pic and finally pressing ctrl+clicking on her new profile pic from her album to open in a new tab as I don't want the new facebook photo viewer with its ultra small re sized pictures to ruin this for me.

And there she was, pretty as always with a cute half-smile..


To be continued.

Why people aren't commenting D:

I feel like on facebook

Alright the comment issue is fixed. I turned off the captcha.

Oh and btw amBored has Ad Block Plus :P
Great Add-on I use it too.

Ok, then I'll follow this one :P

i like where this is going. Really cool design btw.

great post. looking forward to reading your next one

Ah man, I know exactly how you feel.

Hmm interesting idea for a blog, following for more.

lol, I LOVE THE LAYOUT, i really thought i was on facebook! lol

yeah I like how it looks like FB... stalker

I only really take scenic/nature photos but I will what I can come up with regarding abstract...
oh and this is a great idea for a blog! following.

intresting page you have

LOL. You have a way with words. Slightly creepy, albeit hilarious.

Great layout BTW!

I like bateman and all, but assanage was just soo much sexier!

Haha I love your layout for your comments

Awesome blog man! Keep up the good work! It will pay off!

Nice layout! I'm half asleep and thought I accidentally went to someone else's facebook page.

Great layout, love the facebook look. Check out my new blog, if you haven't already!

Wow you really made this blog look awesome, man :D